How to ask for ‘one more beer, please’ in 50 languages

How to ask for ‘one more beer, please’ in 50 languages

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LANGUAGES ARE TRICKY, and as no one here at Matador is yet fluent in 50 languages, I reached out to native speakers around the world. From our own editors to tourism bureaus to hostels around the world, this is our collection of how to ask for “one more beer, please” in 50 languages.

* Remember to use these responsibly — in some countries, drinking is illegal. There may also be some regional and formality variations in pronunciation, but these should get the job done!


LanguageSpellingPhonetic Pronunciation
AfrikaansEen meer bier, asseblief /
Nog ‘n bier, asseblief (more common)
Een mear bie-er, ah-seh-bleef /
Noch ehn bie-er, ah-seh-bleef
AlbanianEdhe një birrë, të lutemEdhe nye bi-re, too luh-tehm
Arabic (Egypt)واحد بيرة كمان من فضلكWahid beera kaman min fadlak
Armenian (Western)Ուրիջ մեկ պիրա, հաձիս
Ourish meg bira, hajis
Ourish meg bira, hajis
BasqueBeste garagardo bat, mesedezBeh-ste –aragar-doh bag, mehshedez
BavarianNo a bia, gäh san’s so guad /
No oans, gäh san’s so guad
No a be-a gah san s-so gu-ad /
No o-ans gah san s-so gu-ad
BosnianMolim vas, još jedno pivo /
Još jedno pivo, molim
Moh-leem vuhs, yosh yedno pivo /
Yosh yedno pivo, mohleem
BurmeseBeer ta buu htut pay barBeer ta buu htut pay bar
CatalanUna altra cervesa, si us plauUna altra ser-ve-sa, see oos plow
ChamorroUn setbesa ta’lo, fan /
Un setbesa mas, put fabot
Un set-beh-sa tah-lo, fan /
Un set-beh-sa moss, put fah-bot
Chinese (Mandarin)请 再来一瓶啤酒
qǐng zài lái yī píng pí jiǔ /
tsing zai lie ee ping pee geo
zài lái yī píng pí jiǔ
Tsing dzai lie ee ping pee geo /
Dzai lai ee ping pee gee-oh
CroatianMolim vas, dajte mi jos jedno pivo (formal) /
Još jedno pivo (informal)
Moh-leem vuhs, duhte me yosh yehd-no pee-voh /
Yosh yehd-no pee-voh
CzechJeště jedno pivo, prosímYehsh-tyeh yehd-now pih-voh, proh-seem
DanishEn øl til, takEen oel til, tack
DutchNog één biertje, graagNog een beer-t, grahg
EstonianÜks õlu veel, palun /
Veel üks õlu, palun
Ooks ur-loo vehl, pah-lun /
Vehl ooks ur-loo, pah-lun


LanguageSpellingPhonetic Pronunciation
Filipino/TagalogIsang beer pa poEeh-sang beer pah po
FinnishVielä yksi olut, kiitos (kiitos is polite, but not always needed)Viela uks oh-lut, key-tos
FlemishNog een bierke alsjeblieftNog een beer-keh all-sye-bleeft
FrenchUne autre bière s’il vous plaîtOon o – tra bee yehr see voo play
GermanNoch ein Bier, bitteNoch ein beer, bit-uh
Greekάλλη μια μπύρα, παρακαλώ
Ali mia beera parakalo
Ah-lee me-a bee-ra pah-rah-kah-lo
Hebrewאוד בירה אחת בבקשהOd beera akhat bevakasha
HindiEk aur biyara chahiyeEk aur bi-ya-ra cha-hi-ye
HungarianKérek szépen még egy sört (formal) /
Egy sört kérek (informal)
Keyrek say-pen may egye shirt /
Egye shirt keyrek
IcelandicAnnan bjór, takkAnn-an bee-yor, tack
IrishBeoir eile, le do thóilByor el-eh, leh doh hul
ItalianUn’altra birra per favoreOon al-trah bee-rah, pehr fahv-oh-ray
Japaneseビール もういっぱい お願いします
biiru mou ippai onegaishimasu (in a glass) /
ビール もう一本 お願いします biiru mou ippon onegaishimasu (in a bottle)
Bee-ru moe eep-pie oh-neh-guy-she-mahs /
Bee-ru moe eep-pie eep-pon oh-neh-guy-she-mahs
Korean맥주 한 병 더 주세요
Mekju han byung du juseyo (in a bottle)
Mek-ju han byung du ju-seyoh
LatvianVēl vienu alu, lūdzuVehl vi-eh-nu uh-lu, loo-dzoo
LithuanianDar vieną alaus, prašomDar viena alous, prashom
MacedonianУште едно пиво, ќе ве моламUshte edno pivo, kye ve molam
MongolianDahiad neg shar airagDah-iad neg shar ar-ag


LanguageSpellingPhonetic Pronunciation
NorwegianEn øl til, takk /
En pils til, takk
En oel til, tack /
En pills til, tack
PolishPoproszę jeszcze jedno piwo /
Jeszcze jedno piwo proszę
Poprohsheh yesh-teh yedno pee-vo /
Yesh-teh yedno pee-vo prohsheh
PortugueseMais uma cerveja, por favorMyees uma cerveja, pohr fah-vohr
RomanianÎncă o bere, vă rogInkha o behre, vah rogh
RussianЕще одно пиво /
Еще пива, пожалуйста
Esche ad’no piva /
Esche piva, pajaloosta
SerbianJoš jedno pivo, molimYosh yedno pivo, mohleem
SlovenianŠe eno pivo, prosimShe eno peevo, proseem
SpanishOtra cerveza por favorOo-trah sair-bay-sa por fah-bor
SwedishEn öl till, tack /
Jag tar en öl till, tack (more formal)
En uhl teel, tackh /
Ya tar en uhl teel, tackh
ThaiKho beer eek kaew ka (for women) /
Kho beer eek kaew krab (for men)
Ko beer ik kae kaw /
Ko beer ik kae krab
TurkishBir bira daha lütfenBir bira da-ha luet-fen
VietnameseCho một bia nữaCho mo’oht bee-ah neu’uh
WelshUn cwrw’n fwy, os gwelwch yn ddaUn corwn foo-ee, os gwel-ookh un tha
XhosaNdiphe obunye utywala futhiNdip-he obun-je uc-wala futhi
YorubaJ Ọ, fun mi l’ Ọ tí kan siJaw, foon me law tea con see
ZuluNye ningi utshwalaJNee nin-gi ut-sch-wala

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